“N” Unisex Names


Navy Meaning and Origin Color name (English) #658 for a girl The name Navy is a unisex color name of English origin. Posts with the name Navy: 40 Breathtaking Boho Chic Earthy Names for Girls


Neri (in-duh-gow) is a girl’s or boy’s name of Greek origin meaning: “ocean spirit”.


Nico Meaning and Origin Victory of the people (Greek) #317 Nico is a unisex name meaning "victory of the people" and is of Greek origin. Posts with the name Nico: 100 Gender Neutral Baby Names


Noa Name Meaning & MoreGender: UnisexMeaning: MovementOrigin: HebrewCurrent Popularity: #811 for a girlMore about the name Noa: The name Noa is a unisex name meaning “movement” and is of Hebrew origin.Posts with the name Noa: 40 Breathtaking Boho Chic Earthy Names for Girls 40 Adorable Modern Unisex Baby NamesWhat do you think of the name...


Noah is a Hebrew boy’s or girl’s name meaning: “rest”.


Noir Meaning and Origin Black (French) The name Noir is a boy's name meaning "black" and is of French origin. Posts with the name Noir: 60 Goth Baby Names from the Darkside for Girls and Boys


North Meaning and Origin Topographical name (English) North is a unisex topographical name of English origin. Posts with the name North: 30 Non-Traditional Christmas Baby Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy


Northley Name Meaning & MoreGender: UnisexMeaning: North enclosureOrigin: EnglishCurrent Popularity: Not in the US top 1,000 namesMore about the name Northley: Northley is a unisex name meaning “north enclosure” and is of English origin. Posts with the name Northley: 24 Insanely Rare Names for Boys That You Haven’t Heard 40 Adorable Modern...


Nouvel is a French name meaning: “new”.

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