“O” Unisex Names


Oakley Name Meaning & MoreGender: UnisexMeaning: Oak treeOrigin: EnglishCurrent Popularity: #348  for a girl and #441 for a boyIf you like Oakley, you might consider: Bexley, Brayley, Cedar, Holly, CoveMore about the name Oakley: The name Oakley is a unisex name meaning “oak tree” and is of English origin.Middle Name Possibilities:...


Olive Name Meaning & MoreGender: UnisexMeaning: TreeOrigin: EnglishCurrent Popularity: #197 for a girlMore about the name Olive: The name Olive is a unisex name meaning “tree” and is of English origin.Posts with the name Olive: 60 Boho Names for Girls That Are As Unique As They Are GorgeousWhat do you think of the name Olive? Let us know in...


Onyx Name Meaning & MoreGender: UnisexMeaning: Gemstone, claw, fingernailOrigin: GreekCurrent Popularity: #613 for a boyMore about the name Onyx: The name Onyx is a boy’s name meaning “gemstone, claw, fingernail” and is of Greek origin. This beautiful, often black gemstone is derived from the Greek onyx. Black onyx is ultimately known to be a...


Orion is a Greek name meaning: “hunter”.


Owen Name Meaning & MoreGender: BoyMeaning: Young warriorOrigin: WelshCurrent Popularity: #22More about the name Owen: Owen is a unisex name meaning “young warrior” and is of Welsh origin.Posts with the name Owen: 100 Gender Neutral Baby Names 25 Short Boy Names to Add to Your ListWhat do you think of the name Owen? Let us know in the...

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