“Q” Girl Names

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Qiana Meaning and Origin The name Qiana is a girl's name meaning "star" and is of Persian origin. Pronounced: kee-AH-na. It's so hard not to love a name that starts with Q! While Quinn is a fairly popular name option, Qiana is still totally under the radar. You may...


Queenie Meaning and Origin The name Queenie is a girl's name meaning "queen" and is of English origin. An affectionate nickname for Queen, the word queen derives from Old English cwēn, akin to cwene ‘woman’.  Posts with the name Queenie: 100 Forgotten Vintage Names...


Quila Meaning and Origin Quila is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "Incan moon goddess".  Posts with the name Quila: 500 of the Prettiest Girl Names You’ve Ever Heard


Quinlin Meaning and Origin Quinlin is a girl's name of English origin meaning "gently-shaped fellow, slender." Posts with the name Quinlin: 100 Baby Names For Girls That Are Super Rare


Quintessa is a Latin name meaning: “essence”.

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