“Q” Unisex Names

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Quartz Meaning and Origin Quartz is a unisex gemstone name. The gemstone quartz's origins may wither derived from the Old German word querkluftertz, referring to whitish vein quartz, or from the ancient Greek word krustallos, meaning ice.  Posts with the name Quartz:...


Quesley Meaning and Origin Quesley is a unisex modern invented name. Although it’s a unisex name, Quesley is a pretty moniker for girls. And yet, it’s not your everyday name. A child named Quesley will stand out for the right reason. Posts with the name Quesley: ...


Quinby Meaning and Origin Quinby is a unisex name of English origin, meaning “estate of the woman.” Derived from the Scandinavian quinna, "woman", and by, meaning "village". Posts with the name Quinby: 50 Unisex Baby Names You Haven't Heard Before


Quincy is a French name meaning: “fifth born”.


Quinley Meaning and Origin Quinley is a unisex modern invented name. A more feminine take on the unisex Quinn, although we also think this could be worn equally well by a boy.  Posts with the name Quinley: 31 Pretty Invented Made Up Names for Girls That Are Totally...


Quinn is an Irish name meaning: “descendant of Conn”.

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