“Y” Boy Names

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Yale Meaning and Origin The name Yale is a boy’s name meaning “fertile upland” and is of Welsh origin. Originally a surname from place name Iâl, meaning ‘fertile or arable upland’. It’s that rare name that is familiar, yet uncommon and distinctive. Posts with the name...


Yerik Meaning and Origin Yerik is a boy's name meaning "appointed by God" and is of Russian origin. Posts with the name Yerik: The Cutest Russian Baby Names You'll Want to Steal


A name borne in the Bible by an evil king of Israel.


York Meaning and Origin York is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “yew.” Originally a surname from a city in north-eastern England. Posts with the name York: 100 Unique Names for Boys You Won’t Hear On The Playground 30 Rare Baby Boy Names That Aren’t Being...


Yuri Meaning and Origin Yuri is a boy's name meaning "farmer" and is of Russian origin.  Posts with the name Yuri: The Cutest Russian Baby Names You'll Want to Steal 50 Cute Baby Boy Names We Cannot Get Enough of


Yves Meaning and Origin Yves is a boy's name meaning "yew" and is of French origin. French from a Germanic name introduced to Britain from France at the time of the Norman Conquest.  Posts with the name Yves: 50 French Baby Names Inspired by Emily In Paris

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