“Y” Unisex Names

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Yael Meaning and Origin Yael is a unisex name of Hebrew origin, meaning: “wild goat.” Yael or Jael is a name borne in the Bible by a woman who killed Sisera, a general who was leading his troops against Israel. (Judge 4:17-22). Yael comes from a Hebrew word denoting a...


Yani (YAN-nee) is a girl’s name of Greek and Slavic origin meaning: “peace”.


Yardley Meaning and Origin The name Yardley is a unisex name meaning "wood clearing" and is of English origin. Posts with the name Yardley:  20 of the Preppiest Names for Girls


Yari Meaning and Origin The name Yari is a unisex name of Hebrew or Spanish origin meaning "gold." Posts with the name Yari:  60 Unusual Girl Names No One Else Will Have


Yarrow Meaning and Origin The name Yarrow is a unisex botanical name and is of English origin.  Posts with the name Yarrow: Whimsical & Enchanting Names for Boys 50 Names for Boys That are Cool AF

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