“Z” Gender-neutral Names


Zabel Meaning and Origin Zabel is a unisex name of Spanish origin meaning "God is my oath." The name Zabel has its roots in Spanish and Catalan languages. It is believed to be a variation of the more common name Isabel or Isabelle, which in turn is derived from the...


Zaire Meaning and Origin Zaire is a unisex place name of African origin. The name Zaire is a unique and exotic choice with a rich history. Its origins can be traced to Africa, particularly to the region that is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The name Zaire is...


Zarrin is a gender-neutral name of Persian origin, meaning “golden.” 


Zuri Meaning and Origin The unsex name "Zuri" has various origins and meanings across different cultures. In Swahili, "Zuri" means "beautiful" or "good." In Hebrew, "Zuri" is a variant of the name "Zuriel," which means "my rock is God" or "God is my strength." In...


Zuriel is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin, meaning “rock or strength of God.”

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