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Ceridwen Meaning and Origin

Ceridwen is a girl’s name meaning “poetry, blessed” and is of Welsh origin. Ceridwen is a name with deep mythological roots. It is derived from the Welsh elements “cerdd” meaning “poetry” and “gwen” meaning “white” or “blessed.” The name is often interpreted as “beautiful poetess” or “blessed poet.” Ceridwen’s origins can be traced back to Welsh mythology and folklore. In Welsh legends, Ceridwen is a powerful and mystical figure associated with knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. She is known as a sorceress or enchantress and is often linked to the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration, called the Cauldron of Awen. Ceridwen is a relatively uncommon name, particularly outside of Wales. Its usage has remained limited, and it is considered a unique and distinctive choice. Ceridwen is a name with a rich cultural and mythological heritage. For parents seeking a name with a sense of history and magic, Ceridwen can be an appealing option. Its connection to poetry, wisdom, and enchantment can make it especially attractive to those who appreciate literary or mystical associations.

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