Coral Meaning and Origin

The name Coral is a girl’s word name of English and Spanish origin. It is derived from the word “coral,” which refers to the hard, stony skeleton secreted by certain marine polyps and often used in jewelry and decorative items. The name Coral became associated with the gem-like substance due to its vibrant color and beauty, making it an appealing choice as a given name. Coral is a charming and evocative name with a natural and oceanic flair. The name exudes a sense of uniqueness and femininity, drawing inspiration from the underwater world. Its association with coral reefs, known for their rich biodiversity and vivid hues, adds to the name’s allure. Coral carries a delicate yet strong presence, making it suitable for a wide range of personalities. Coral has been a moderately popular name, but not overly common. Throughout the 20th century, it remained within respectable usage in the United States, though it didn’t achieve top-ranking status.

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