Corran Meaning and Origin

Corran is a boy’s name meaning: spear-bearer and is of Irish and Scottish origin. In Irish, Corran (spelled “Corrán” or “Corran”) is derived from the Gaelic word “corr” which means “spear.” It is often associated with the idea of a warrior or a brave individual. The name can also be connected to the Irish surname “Ó Corráin” or “O’Corrán,” which means “descendant of Corrán.” In Scottish Gaelic, Corran (spelled “Corran”) is derived from the Gaelic word “corr” which means “point” or “promontory.” It is often used to refer to a geographical feature such as a cape or a narrow strip of land extending into a body of water. The term “corrie” is also derived from the same root word and is used to describe a steep-walled hollow or cirque found on mountains. The name Corran has gained popularity as a given name in English-speaking countries, partly due to its unique sound and association with strength and courage. It is sometimes used as a variant of the name Cameron.

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