Corvus Meaning and Origin

Corvus is a boy’s name of Latin origin, meaning “raven.” The word is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *ker-, which refers to the sound made by a crow. In astronomy, Corvus is the name of a constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It is depicted as a small group of stars resembling a crow or a raven. The Corvus constellation is part of the zodiac and can be seen during spring and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. In Greek mythology, Corvus is associated with a story involving the god Apollo. According to the myth, Apollo sent a crow to fetch water in a cup. However, the crow got distracted and delayed its return, resulting in Apollo’s anger. As punishment, Apollo banished the crow to the heavens and placed it in the form of the Corvus constellation. Crows and ravens, associated with the name Corvus, often carry symbolic meanings in different cultures. They can represent wisdom, intelligence, cunning, adaptability, and transformation. In some mythologies and folklore, they are seen as messengers or symbols of both good and bad omens.

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