Cute and Unique Middle Names for Boys You Haven't Thought Of Yet

20 Cute and Unique Middle Names for Boys You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

As you choose a middle name for your baby boy, you may want to consider something unique for inspiration. If you’re looking for non basic middle names for your baby boy, we’ve got you covered! The good news: There are so many middle names you can choose for him that aren’t William, Michael, or James. Middle names are the fun part where you can be a little more creative and maybe pick something your partner vetoed as a first name. To help, we’ve curated a list of 20 cute and unique baby boy middle names that you’re going to love. Hopefully, there’s something on here that will make the perfect initials for your future son to use. Scroll on for middle name or maybe even first name inspiration!

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1. Arlow

The name Arlow means “fortified hill” and is of English origin. One of our favorite boys’ middle names because it plays so well with others.

2. Attwell

The name Attwell means “dweller at the well” and is of English origin. Parents may shy away from it as a first name because it’s off the beaten path, making it a perfect middle name choice!

3. Braxton

The name Braxton means “Brock’s town” and is of English origin. Braxton works well with short first names and pairs with a lot of last names.

4. Breyer

The name Breyer means “a person who made and sold ale or beer” and is of English and German origin. Breyer is an easygoing middle name that pairs well with more complex firsts.

5. Cade

The name Cade means “round, or barrel” and is of English origin. Cade is a short but sweet middle name for an equally adorable baby boy. 

6. Croix

The name Croix means “cross” and is of French origin. This name has an edgy tone and only consists of one syllable, so if you want your son to stand out in school with a cool name, this is the one for him.

7. Dane

The name Dane means “from Denmark” and is of English origin. It’s a beautiful complimentary name to add to almost any other boys’ name.

8. Fraser

The name Fraser means “strawberry” and is of Scottish origin. Fraser is not a unisex name, so parents wanting a robust masculine choice may want to consider it.

9. Grayson

The name Grayson means “son of a steward” and is of English origin. This on-trend name is just adorable, and we think it deserves some attention either as a first or middle name.

10. Huxley

The name Huxley means “Hucc clearing” and is of Scottish origin. This name has calm wistful energy, and it’s a great middle name choice for a shorter first name option.

11. Jude

The name Jude means “praise” and is of English origin. For baby boys with a long first name, Jude is an excellent one-syllable middle name choice. 

12. Kensington

The name Kensington means “the Town Of Cynsige’s People” and is of English origin. Here is another good choice for parents trying to balance a short first name with a longer middle name option. 

13. Kentley

The name Kentley means “from the meadow’s edge” and is of English origin. Kentley is a unisex option that pairs well with any first name.

14. Murphy

The name Murphy means “sea warrior” and is of Irish origin. We love how effortlessly this name bridges a first and last moniker.

15. Ozias

The name Ozias means “salvation” and is of Greek origin. This Greek name will nicely complement a first name, adding flair to the complete name. 

16. Porter

The name Porter means “carrier of goods” and is of English origin. This name is gaining popularity as a first name, so parents who don’t want something too familiar as a first name may love this as a middle name.

17. Quade

The name Quade means “descendent of Uad” and is of Irish origin. Quade is a classically boyish name. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to give their son’s name an all-American country vibe. 

18. Reeve

The name Reeve means “bailiff” and is of English origin. If you’re going with a bold name for a first name, consider a softer name like Reeve to match.

19. Rocco

The name Rocco means “rest” and is of Italian origin. For the baby boy who will be playful, may we suggest the middle name, Rocco? This name is a cool and edgy choice. 

20. Xion

The name Xion means “highest point” and is of Hebrew origin. Short and bold, and we love how it can be perfectly complementary to a ton of first names, too.

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