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Cygnus Meaning and Origin

Cygnus is a boy’s name of Latin and Greek origin, meaning “swan.” In Greek mythology, Cygnus was the name of a handsome prince who was transformed into a swan by the gods after his death. The name “Cygnus” is derived from the Greek word “kyknos,” which means “swan.” The name Cygnus has ancient roots in Greek mythology, and its usage as a personal name can be traced back to classical times. In mythology, Cygnus was associated with themes of transformation and beauty, and the story of his swan transformation has been passed down through generations. The popularity of the name Cygnus as a given name has been relatively low and rare in modern times. It is considered an unconventional and unique choice for parents seeking an unusual and mythological name for their child. Cygnus is a name of mythical and poetic charm, evoking imagery of graceful swans gliding across tranquil waters. The name carries an air of elegance and enchantment, drawing on its association with the swan, a creature admired for its beauty and grace. As a name choice, Cygnus sets its bearer apart from more common names, offering a touch of mystery and individuality. 

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