Desdemona Meaning and Origin

Desdemona is a girl’s name meaning “ill-fated, unfortunate” and is of Greek origin. Desdemona is most commonly associated with William Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Othello.” In the play, Desdemona is a noblewoman and the wife of the protagonist, Othello. Her character is portrayed as virtuous, innocent, and tragically manipulated. The name Desdemona is of uncertain origin but is believed to be derived from the Greek word “desmos,” meaning “bond” or “fetter,” and the suffix “-ona” indicating “one who possesses.” Desdemona is also considered an Italian name derived from the Greek word “dysdaimon,” which means “ill-fated” or “unlucky.” Literally a tragic name from Shakespeare’s Othello, Desdemona is a beautifully dark name with adorable nicknames like Dessie, Dessa, Essie, and Mona. The name Desdemona is not very common and is considered somewhat rare. It has not been among the most popular names in recent years.

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