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Dezso is a boy’s name of Hungarian origin, meaning “desire, great ten.” Its meaning is derived from the Slavic name “Desimir,” which is composed of “des” (meaning “ten”) and “mer” (meaning “great” or “famous”). Therefore, Dezso can be interpreted as “great ten” or “famous ten.” The name Dezso has Hungarian origins, although its etymology is linked to Slavic roots. It has been in use in Hungary and other neighboring countries for centuries, with its popularity extending beyond the Hungarian-speaking regions. Dezso has been a relatively popular name in Hungary and areas with Hungarian influence. While it may not be as commonly used as some more traditional names, it has a significant presence in its cultural context and among individuals of Hungarian descent. Dezso is a strong and distinctive name with a rich historical and cultural background. Its Slavic roots add to its uniqueness, making it stand out among other names. The name carries a sense of greatness and fame, evoking a feeling of admiration and respect for the individual bearing it. Famous People: Dezso Lauber (1879-1966) – A Hungarian architect and sportsman. Lauber competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics and later became an influential architect, contributing significantly to Budapest’s architecture. Dezso Kosztolanyi (1885-1936) – A renowned Hungarian poet, novelist, and translator. 

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