Drystan Meaning and Origin

Drystan is a boy’s name of Welsh origin, meaning “full of sorrow, steadfast.” The name Drystan is derived from the Old Welsh name “Drustan” or “Drust,” which possibly comes from the Celtic element “dru,” meaning “strong” or “steadfast.” In Welsh mythology and Arthurian legends, Drystan is associated with a character called Tristan, known for his romantic and tragic story. As mentioned earlier, Drystan has its roots in Welsh history and mythology. The name gained popularity through various Arthurian tales, poems, and romances where the character of Tristan was celebrated. In terms of popularity, Drystan is not as common as some other names, but it has a distinctive and intriguing sound that appeals to those with an interest in Welsh or Arthurian lore. It is more likely to be found in regions where Welsh names have a stronger cultural presence, such as Wales and certain parts of the United Kingdom. Drystan is a name steeped in ancient legends and tales of heroism and love. With its Welsh heritage, it carries a sense of strength and resilience. 

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