Ekaterina Meaning and Origin

The name Ekaterina is a girl’s name meaning “pure” and is of Slavic origin. Pronounced: eh-kah-teh-REE-na. Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Katherine, a cognate of the Greek Aikaterinē from katharos ‘pure’. The name Ekaterina carries the same meaning as Katherine, which is often interpreted as “pure” or “clear.” It is associated with qualities like innocence, purity, and integrity. Ekaterina is a well-loved name in Slavic cultures, especially in Russia. It has been consistently popular over the years and is often shortened to the nickname Katya. Other variations include Kateryna, Katarina, Katerina, and Yekaterina. There are several notable individuals named Ekaterina: Ekaterina Gordeeva is a renowned Russian figure skater and Olympic gold medalist. Ekaterina Makarova is a professional tennis player from Russia. 

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