Elisana Meaning and Origin

The name Elisana does not have a widely known or established meaning, and its origin is not as clear-cut as more common names. However, it is believed to have connections to several languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew. In Spanish and Italian, Elisana may be associated with the name “Elisa,” which is a variation of the Hebrew name “Elisheva” or “Elizabeth.” “Elisheva” means “God is my oath” or “My God is abundance” in Hebrew. Over time, Elisheva has evolved into different forms and variations, including Elisana. As Elisana is a relatively rare name, it is not likely to be highly popular in terms of usage. Elisana is a more exotic and intriguing choice that would grow with a little girl, who could go by Ellie in her childhood and grow into Elisana as an adult. Elisana is romantic and glamorous, worldly and whimsical. 

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