Ellair Meaning and Origin

The name Ellair is a boy’s name meaning “butler or steward” and is of Scottish origin. Alternatively, the name may be a spelling variant of the name Scottish name Ellar, itself a variant of the name “Ellard,” which itself is derived from the Old English elements “ælf” (meaning “elf”) and “heard” (meaning “hard” or “brave”). Therefore, the name Ellar can be interpreted to mean “brave elf” or “noble elf.” The popularity of the name Ellair is relatively low in modern times, which adds to its uniqueness and appeal for those seeking a distinctive name with a Scottish heritage. Ellair is an elegant and charming name with a touch of Scottish history and mystique. It is a perfect choice for parents who want a name that is both classic and unusual, capturing a sense of old-world charm and a touch of magic. 

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