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Ellette Meaning and Origin

Ellette is a girl’s name of English and German origin, meaning “all, completely; fairy maiden.”  Alternatively, Ellette is a variant of the name “Elle,” which is a shortened form of Eleanor or Ellen. It is of French origin and is derived from the Old Provençal name “Aliénor,” composed of elements “ali” (other) and “énor” (a form of Helen, meaning “light” or “torch”). Therefore, Ellette can be interpreted to mean “bright, shining light” or “other light.” The name Ellette has its roots in French and has been used as a diminutive or variant of other longer names throughout history. The popularity of the name Ellette has varied over time and is relatively rare compared to more common names. It was not listed among the top 1,000 names in the United States or many other English-speaking countries. Ellette is a delightful and elegant name with a touch of uniqueness. It carries a sense of brightness and radiance, symbolizing a beacon of hope and positivity. 

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