Elwood Meaning and Origin

The name Elwood is of English origin. It is derived from Old English elements, “ælf,” meaning “elf,” and “wudu,” meaning “wood” or “forest.” Elwood has ancient roots in English and Anglo-Saxon traditions. Elwood is not among the most popular names in recent times. Elwood exudes a charming and timeless appeal. It carries a sense of enchantment and connection to nature with its meaning evoking images of elves dwelling in the woods. The name has a vintage charm that feels both classic and unique, making it an endearing choice for parents seeking a name with character and warmth. Famous People: Elwood Blues: Fictional character portrayed by Dan Aykroyd in the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers” and its sequel. Elwood Higginbotham: A character in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

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