Ericson Meaning and Origin

Ericson is a boy’s name of Scandinavian, Norse, Nordic origin meaning “son of the eternal ruler.” The name Ericson is a patronymic surname of Scandinavian origin, derived from the Old Norse personal name “Eiríkr.” It is composed of the elements “ei,” meaning “ever” or “always,” and “ríkr,” meaning “ruler” or “king.” Therefore, Ericson can be interpreted to mean “son of Eric” or “descendant of Eric.” The name carries a strong historical and noble connotation due to its royal Scandinavian roots. The name Ericson has its roots in ancient Scandinavian culture and history. It originated from the Norse given name Eiríkr, which was prominent during the Viking Age. The Vikings were seafaring people who explored and settled in various parts of Europe, spreading their names and influence along the way. The surname Ericson emerged as a way to identify the descendants of someone named Eric. As a surname, Ericson is relatively common in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. However, its popularity as a first name varies across different regions and time periods. In the United States, Ericson is less commonly used as a first name compared to its variations like Eric and Erik. Ericson is a distinguished and timeless name with a deep historical legacy. It carries an air of strength, nobility, and leadership, reflecting its origins as a name of kings and rulers. Famous People: Leif Ericson: An Icelandic explorer, considered one of the first Europeans to set foot in North America around 1000 AD, preceding Christopher Columbus. Ericson Core: An American film director and cinematographer known for his work on movies like “Point Break” (2015) and “Invincible” (2006).

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