Fabienne Meaning and Origin

Fabienne is a girl’s name meaning “bean grower” and is of French origin. Fabienne is a feminine given name of French origin. It is derived from the Latin name Fabianus, which comes from the Roman family name Fabius. The name Fabius is believed to have originated from the Latin word “faba,” meaning “bean.” Fabienne has a refined and elegant sound, which is characteristic of many French names. The popularity of the name Fabienne has varied over the years. In French-speaking regions, it has been moderately popular, but it hasn’t reached the same level of widespread use as some other names. Fabienne is a name with a touch of sophistication and grace. It is a timeless choice that evokes a sense of refinement and class. This delicate and whimsically chic French name is a perfect choice for parents who like the sound of names like Vivienne, Camille, and Eloise but are hoping to steer away from monikers currently sitting steady on Top popularity lists. Famous People Named Fabienne: Fabienne Carat: A French actress known for her role as Samia Nassri in the popular television series “Plus belle la vie.” Fabienne Thibeault: A Canadian singer and actress, known for her participation in the original stage production of “Starmania.” 

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