10 Cute Gender Neutral Color Names

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Color names are a major trend, from Blue Ivy to Scarlett Johansson; pop culture is full of color names. So whether you’re an artist or simply inspired by colors, here are 10 gender-neutral color names you might enjoy.

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1. Auburn

Auburn is a unisex color name of English origin. This reddish-brown is usually associated with hair color, but it’s also a unique moniker that evokes feelings of fall. You may also like: Russet, Tawny, Sable


2. Azure

Azure is a unisex name of French origin, meaning “bright blue.” Azure would be a perfect name for a blue-eyed beauty and evokes images of the deep seas and blue skies. You may also like: Azura, Sienna, Marigold


3. Cyan

Cyan is a unisex name of English origin, meaning “greenish-blue.” Cyan, pronounced “sai-an,” is an uncommon color name, making it appealing to parents looking for something more unusual. You may also like: Jade, Violet, Cerulean


4. Garnet

Garnet is a unisex name of French origin, meaning “pomegranate.” Originally an occupational surname for a grower and seller of pomegranates, it is also the name of a red-colored precious stone. Garnet is a lovely color, not to mention an old-fashioned name that is in serious need of a comeback. You may also like: Ruby, Crimson, Scarlett


5. Indigo

Indigo is a unisex name of Greek origin, meaning “Indian dye, dark blue.” One of the colors of the rainbow, its name, comes from the dark bluish-purple dye obtained from plants. This modern-day bohemian name also comes with the cute nickname “Indie.” You may also like: Coral, Teal, Mauve

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6. Jett

Jett is a unisex name that comes from the black mineral of the same name. If you name your kid Jett, you’ll need to put them in a tiny leather jacket because this is the edgiest name out there. You may also like: Gray, Slate, Ash


7. Navy

The name Navy is an English unisex color name. A dark blue color that sounds like it should already be a baby name favorite, like Noah or Olivia. Cheers to new classics. You may also like: Ivory, Olive, Sapphire


8. Onyx

The name Onyx is a unisex name of Greek meaning “gemstone, claw, fingernail.” This beautiful, often black gemstone is known to be a protective stone that absorbs negative energies. As a name, it has cool energy and is a great choice for parents who want a short but strong name that nobody else will have. You may also like: Noir, Amethyst, Orchid


9. Roux

Roux is a unisex name of Latin origin, meaning “russet.” Parents looking for an uncommon but beautiful choice may want to consider Roux, pronounced Roo. You may also like: Goldie, Amber, Ginger


10. Sage

Sage is a unisex name of Latin origin, meaning “wise.” Sage is also a word name of a herb. Sage is a unisex name that is gaining in popularity. It is a green color inspired by the hue of sage leaves; this down-to-earth color and modern hippie vibe make it an appealing choice for boho parents. You may also like: Henna, Saffron, Lavender


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