Gershom Meaning and Origin

The name Gershom is a boy’s name meaning “exile” and is of Hebrew origin. The name “Gershom” is derived from the Hebrew word “ger sham,” which means “a stranger there” or “a sojourner.” In the Old Testament of the Bible, Gershom is the name of two individuals: Gershom, Son of Moses: Gershom was the firstborn son of Moses and Zipporah, his wife. Moses named him Gershom because he said, “I have been a foreigner in a foreign land” (Exodus 2:22). Gershom played a minor role in biblical narratives and is mentioned in a few passages. Gershom, Son of Levi: Another person named Gershom appears in the genealogy of the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe. He is mentioned as the son of Levi, the grandson of Jacob, and the great-grandson of Isaac. Gershom holds cultural significance for Jewish and Christian traditions due to its biblical associations. It serves as a reminder of the Israelites’ history of exile, migration, and eventual settlement in the Promised Land. In contemporary times, Gershom is still used as a given name, particularly among individuals with Jewish heritage or those interested in biblical names. It is more commonly used within religious or traditional communities.

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