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Gia Meaning and Origin

The name Gia is a girl’s name meaning God’s gracious gift and is of Italian origin. The name is often short for Gianna or even Giovanna but is a pretty cool name on its own, too. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a short and sweet moniker. Gia also has roots in other origins. Gia is a Vietnamese name that means “family” or “home.” In Georgian, “Gia” is a shortened form of the name “Giorgi,” which is the Georgian version of the name “George.” Gia is also a Greek name that means “earth” or “land.” ia has experienced a notable increase in popularity over the past couple of decades. While it was relatively uncommon in the past, it has become more widely used in recent years. The name gained recognition partly due to the influence of celebrities and public figures who chose the name for their children. Famous People Named Gia: Gia Carangi: A famous American supermodel from the late 1970s and early 1980s, considered one of the first-ever supermodels. Gia Coppola: An American film director, screenwriter, and actress, Gia Coppola comes from a renowned family of filmmakers. 

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