Giselle Meaning and Origin

The name Giselle is a girl’s name meaning “pledge” and is of German origin. The meaning of Giselle varies depending on its origin. In Germanic, it is derived from the elements “gisil” (pledge, hostage) and “gīsil” (noble offspring), suggesting meanings such as “pledge” or “noble offspring.” In French, Giselle is believed to be derived from “gisil” and “gisl” (pledge, hostage) as well, but it can also be associated with “gisil” and “gīsel” (young woman). Giselle has been used as a given name for princesses and noblewomen in various European countries, further enhancing its regal association. Giselle has gained popularity as a given name in different countries and cultures. Its popularity has increased particularly in recent decades. It has been featured among the top names in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and France. Variations of the name Giselle include Gisèle (French), Gisela (German, Spanish), and Gisella (Italian). Common nicknames for Giselle include Gigi, Elle, and Gise.

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