Golda Meaning and Origin

Golda is a girl’s name meaning “gold” and is of Hebrew origin. In Yiddish, the name is derived from the word “Gold,” which means “gold” in English. As a name, Golda symbolizes preciousness, value, and uniqueness, much like the metal it is named after. The name Golda has Jewish origins and has been traditionally used within Ashkenazi Jewish communities. It gained popularity primarily among Jewish families in Eastern Europe, especially in countries like Poland and Russia. Golda had its peak popularity in the early to mid-20th century. It gained international attention and popularity due to the famous Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, who played a significant role in shaping Israel’s history and global politics. Her prominence brought the name Golda into the spotlight and inspired many parents to choose the name for their daughters. However, in more recent times, the name Golda has become less common and may be considered somewhat rare or vintage. Golda is a name that exudes strength, wisdom, and resilience. It carries a sense of history and tradition due to its Jewish heritage.

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