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Guthrie Meaning and Origin

Guthrie is a unisex name meaning “windy place” and is of Scottish origin. It is derived from a Gaelic place name, “Gaothairigh,” which means “windy place” or “windy spot.” The name is believed to have originally referred to a place in Scotland with strong winds or exposed to the elements. As mentioned, Guthrie has its roots in Scotland and is a surname turned into a given name. It was traditionally used to identify someone from the area of Guthrie in Angus, Scotland. The popularity of the name Guthrie has varied over the years. As a given name, it has been relatively uncommon compared to more traditional names. Guthrie is a distinctive and charismatic name with a touch of Scottish charm. Its connection to nature and the wind lends it a sense of strength and freedom. The name carries an air of history and tradition, making it appealing to those seeking names with a unique heritage. Famous People Named Guthrie: The name Guthrie is historically associated with American folk singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie. He was an influential figure in the folk music movement of the mid-20th century and known for songs like “This Land Is Your Land.” 

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