Hagar Meaning and Origin

Hagar is a girl’s name meaning “flight” and is of Biblical and Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, it is written as Hagar, and it is derived from the word “Hagar” meaning “flight” or “stranger.” In the Bible, Hagar was an Egyptian handmaid and the second wife of Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. She is known for being the mother of Ishmael, who is considered the ancestor of the Arab people. The popularity of the name Hagar has varied over time and in different cultures. It has been more commonly used among Jewish and Muslim communities due to its biblical and Islamic significance. Hagar is a powerful and historically significant name with deep religious roots. It is associated with strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome adversity, as Hagar’s story in the Bible portrays her as a woman who faced challenges but remained strong. The name can be seen as a symbol of the connection between different cultures and religions due to its place in both the Hebrew Bible and the Quran.

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