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Hartley Meaning and Origin

The name Hartley is a unisex name meaning “hart clearing” and is of English origin. Hartley is a surname that originated in England. It is derived from a place name, meaning “hart clearing” or “deer clearing” in Old English, which referred to a place where deer grazed. The name Hartley has been in use as a surname since the Middle Ages and was originally associated with people who lived in or near places called Hartley. As a first name, Hartley has been used since the 19th century and is usually given to boys.Notable people with the surname Hartley include David Hartley, an 18th-century philosopher and psychologist, and Oliver Hartley, a British actor. Although it’s similar to names like Harvey or Harley, we bet Hartley is one modern name you’ve never heard of before. This name could easily be used with either gender, although it has a bit more of a feminine feel due to the ‘ly’ ending. 

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