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Heston Meaning and Origin

The name Heston is a boy’s name meaning “brushwood settlement, high settlement” and is of English origin. The name “Heston” is derived from a surname. It is believed to come from a place name, specifically the Old English words “heah” meaning “high” and “tun” meaning “enclosure” or “settlement.” Therefore, the name Heston essentially refers to a high settlement or a settlement located on elevated ground. The popularity of the name Heston has varied over time. It has been a relatively rare given name and is not as commonly used as some other names. Heston is a unique and distinguished name that carries a sense of history and tradition. As a first name, Heston exudes a sense of strength and elevation, making it an intriguing choice for parents seeking a name that stands out while maintaining a classic appeal. Famous People Named Heston: Charlton Heston: One of the most recognizable figures with the name Heston is the legendary American actor Charlton Heston (1923–2008). Heston Blumenthal: Heston Blumenthal is a renowned British chef known for his innovative and experimental approach to cooking. 

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