60 Hippie Baby Names For Your Little Boho Baby

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Are you a free-spirited, nature-loving, or boho mama? Then this list of hippie boho baby names for girls and boys is for you! Hippie bohemian names are becoming very popular, and for a good reason, they fit in with millennial parents who are unconventional and free-spirited. So with that in mind, this list of hippie bohemian baby names is inspired by nature, animals, music, peace, love, and spirituality! So if you’re expecting your very own little flower child, these hippie boho girl names and boho boys names will fit in your family perfectly.


Hippie Baby Names For Girls

1. Amethyst

The name Amethyst is a girl’s name meaning “not intoxicated” and is of English origin. A gorgeous violet gemstone with healing powers and a fitting name for your little bohemian baby girl. You may also like: Amaryllis, Autumn, Ambra


2. Aura

The name Aura is a girl’s name meaning “glowing light“ and is of Latin origin. Aura is the energy field around all living things making this a great name for a spiritual mama. You may also like: Aria, Aurora, Auraya


3. Azure

The name Azure is a girl’s name meaning “bright blue” and is of French origin. Blue is the color of calmness and the ocean, which makes this name that much cooler. You may also like: Avery, Azalea, Ayala


4. Boheme

The name Boheme is a girl’s name meaning “Bohemia” and is of French origin. If there ever was a bohemian hippie baby name, it’s definitely Boheme. You may also like: Blossom, Blue, Bryony


5. Calluna

The name Calluna is a girl’s name meaning “flower” and is of English from Greek origin. This would make for a great flower child name for your little girl! You may also like: Calla, Calliope, Cypress, Clementine


6. Coral

The name Coral is a girl’s word name of English origin. Coral is an old-fashioned name that is coming back with millennial moms. You may also like: Chrysalis, Chandra, Cleo, Celeste


7. Cosima

The name Cosima is a girl’s name meaning “order, beauty” and is of Italian origin. Pretty, sweet, and perfect for a baby name that wants to embody the beauty of the world around them. You may also like: Citrine, Cassia, Celestia


8. Dara

The name Dara is a unisex name meaning “son of oak” and is of Irish origin. Short form of the surname, Mac Dara. The peaceful short, and sweet-sounding nature name makes for one appealing hippie name. You may also like: Dawn, Daisy, Dahlia, Freya


9. Ember

The name Ember is a unisex name meaning “amber” and is of French origin. A modern-sounding hippie name with a glowing appeal. You may also like: Endellion, Eden, Electra, Flora, Elowen


10. Gaia

The name Gaia is a girl’s name meaning “earth mother“ and is of Greek mythology origin. Gaia is a beautiful mythological name that represents nurturing of all life on earth. You may also like: Gypsy, Gemma, Galia, Faye


11. Hazie

Hazie is a girl’s name meaning “the hazelnut tree” and is of English origin. A cool name for a baby who will flow her own way. You may also like: Hazel, Holly, Harlow


12. India

India is a country that takes its name from the Indus river. A feminine hippie name derived from the name of a beautiful nation. You may also like: Indra, Indie, Ivy, Iris, Isla


13. Juniper

The name Juniper is a unisex name meaning “tree” and is of Latin origin, derived from the Latin word Juniperus. The moniker is gender-neutral, nature-inspired, quirky, and sweet. You may also like: Jade, Jasmine, Juno


14. Kali

The name Kali is a girl’s name meaning “the black one” and is of Sanskrit origin. Want a strong name for a fierce little girl? In Hindu mythology, Kali is a highly feared goddess; known as the Goddess of destruction. You may also like: Kaia, Kalinda, Krishna


15. Luna

The name Luna is a girl’s name meaning “moon” and is of Latin origin. Interested in the moon and moon signs, then why not name your little girl Luna? You may also like: Lilly, Lilac, Laurel, Marigold


16. Maya

Maya is a girl’s name meaning “illusion, water” and is of Sanskrit, Hebrew origin. Sweet and soft-hearted, this unique name surely leaves an impression. You may also like: Moon, Malia, Misty, Magnolia, Maple


17. Nova

The name Nova is a girl’s name meaning “new” and is of Latin origin. The perfect name for the new shining star in your life. You may also like: Nanda, Naiara, Nautica


18. Oceane

Oceane is a girl’s name meaning “ocean” and is of French origin. Whimsical and nautical, Oceane would make such a lovely name for a little girl who is destined to love water. You may also like: Oria, Olive, Orchid, Ophelia, Orla


19. Paisley

The name Paisley is a girl’s name meaning “church” and is of Scottish origin. Bright, happy, and evocative of the memorable hippie print by the same name. You may also like: Posey, Pearl, Peony


20. Prairie

The name Prairie is a girl’s name meaning “meadow” and is of English and French origin. A hippie name inspired by nature that has so much earthy tranquility to it. You may also like: Poppy, Petal, Phoebe


21. Raine

The name Raine is a girl’s name meaning “queen” and is of French origin. A respelling of the French word reine ‘queen’. When anyone hears this name, they’re sure to have feelings of serenity and calmness. This cute boho name could also be spelled “Raine” or “Rayne.” You may also like: Rama, Rhiannon, Riva, Rainbow


22. Sierra

Sierra is a girl’s name meaning “saw” and is of Spanish origin. Sierra is a perfect name choice for parents looking for a hippie name with Spanish influences. You may also like: Sienna, Saffron, Samsara


23. Summer

The name Summer is a girl’s word name of English origin. On of the best seasons of the year that’s associated with warmth and carefreeness. No matter what season your baby is due to be born in, this name will remind you of the sweet summer days to come. You may also like: Skye, Sapphire, Sakura


24. Topaz

Topaz is a girl’s name meaning “gemstone” and is of Greek origin. Crystals are healing, centering, and beautiful – all good reasons to have one of your very own. You may also like: Tansy, Tallulah, Tamsin


25. Uma

Uma is a girl’s name meaning “nation, tranquility” and is of Hebrew, Sanskrit origin. Uma’s unique simplicity will attract parents to use it for their baby girl time and time again. You may also like: Una, Unity, Usha


26. Vada

Vada is a girl’s name meaning “famous ruler” and is of German origin. This artsy hippie name is as beautiful as your little girl! You may also like: Venus, Valley, Violet


27. Waverly

The name Waverly is a girl’s name meaning “quivering aspens” and is of English origin. This peaceful-sounding name evokes the calmness of mind and tranquillity that is so highly sought-after by hippie bohemian types. You may also like: Winsome, Wisteria, Wrenley


28. Willow

The name Willow is a girl’s name meaning “tree” and is of English origin. No hippie baby name list would be complete without the name Willow. A willow tree is a symbol of gracefulness and strength. You may also like: Wynter, Wren, Whimsy


29. Yara

Yara is a girl’s name meaning “water lady, small butterfly” and is of Brazilian, Arabic origin. Yara is not only sweet but very pretty for any gorgeous little girl. Due to its majestic tone, this modern name will stay in fashion for many years to come. You may also like: Yasmine, Yoko, Yumi


30. Zoe

The name Zoe is a girl’s name meaning “life” and is of Greek origin. A quirky girl name with a very cheerful and free-spirited vibe. You may also like: Zinnia, Zahara, Zula


Hippie Baby Names for Boys

31. Arlo

The name Arlo is a unisex name meaning “fortified hill” and is of English origin. To us, it sounds whimsical and sweet, with just enough hipster cred to make it a new-age hippie hit. You may also like: Aspen, Arrow, Arye, Asher


32. Bodhi

The name Bodhi is a unisex name meaning “enlightenment” and is of Sanskrit origin. It has historically been used as a boy’s name, but it also makes a super cute girl name and has an upbeat, boho-friendly feel. You may also like: Basile, Beau, Blaze


33. Bowie

Bowie is a unisex name meaning “yellow, fair-haired” and is of Scottish and Irish origin. Fair-haired or not, it’s a charming name for any boho little one. You may also like: Balor, Benno, Bravery


34. Canyon

The name Canyon is a boy’s word name of English origin. If you love nature, you might want to name your baby this nature name. You may also like: Chandan, Cyprian, Crispin


35. Cedar

The name Cedar is a unisex tree name of English origin. Cedar trees symbolize endurance, eternal life, and immortality and would be a great name to bestow on your little one. You may also like: Cove, Calix, Caius


36. Clover

Clover is a unisex name of English origin, meaning: “flower.” Clover would make a lovely nature name for a little boy or girl. You may also like: Castor, Cayo, Cyrus


37. Cosmo

Cosmo is an Italian boy’s name from the Greek Name Kosmas meaning: “order, beauty.” A sweet name with a nod to the celestial. You may also like: Crosby, Carver, Caspian


38. Dakota

The name Dakota is a unisex name meaning “friendly” and is of Native American origin. Dakota has real American boho vibe and is fitting for any child. You may also like: Dune, Dustin, Dash


39. Dharma

The name Dharma is a unisex name meaning “decree” and is of Sanskrit origin. This name has a great meaning and is far enough outside the mainstream to ensure your girl or boy will be the only one on the playground with this name. You may also like: Dev, Devi, Damari, Elm


40. Dylan

The name Dylan is a unisex name meaning “sea” and is of Welsh origin. Dylan is a name reminiscent of the American folk singer and a great nod to the origins of hippie culture. You may also like: Darrow, Denver, Digby, Ezra


41. Indigo

The name Indigo is a unisex name meaning “dark blue“ and is of Greek origin. A very cool color, turned hippie name if you want something truly unique. You may also like: Indio, Idris, Innes, Finch


42. Jagger

Jagger is a unisex name of English origin, meaning: “carter.” Jagger is a fresh name that has recently been adopted by hippie bohemian mamas who want their baby to have a gentle yet strong name. You may also like: Jude, Janus, Julien, Felix


43. Kai

Kai is a unisex name meaning “sea” and is of Hawaiian origin. Kai makes for an excellent hippie baby name option if you like names that are short and sweet. You may also like: Kenji, Kannon, Kylo, Fern


44. Lennon

The name Lennon is a unisex name meaning “lover or dear one“ and is of Irish origin. This might be the perfect name for a new baby who has brought so much love into your life. You may also like: Lynx, Linden, Leo


45. Marley

The name Marley is a unisex name meaning “from the lake meadow” and is of English origin. Reggae legend Bob Marley was one of the most iconic figures with his spiritual music and carefree attitude. You may also like: Milo, Marsh, Morrison


46. Oakley

The name Oakley is a unisex name meaning “oak tree” and is of English origin. Names with nature meanings always come to mind when choosing a hippie baby name. You may also like: Oleander, Oliver, Orlow


47. Orion

The name Orion is a unisex name meaning “hunter” and is of Greek origin. Orion, is one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, so your child will undoubtedly outshine their peers with this otherworldy name. You may also like: Osian, Oberyn, Onyx


48. Phoenix

The name Phoenix is a unisex name meaning “purplish-red bird” and is of Greek origin. A spunky unisex hippie name that references the mythical bird. You may also like: Philo, Phineas, Perry


49. Quartz

Quartz is a unisex gemstone name. Quartz crystals are considered to be master healing stones. So why not bestow this healing energy to your little one and everyone around them. You may also like: Quinn, Quincy, Quillen


50. Ravi

Ravi is a boy’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning: “sun.” The name of the sun god. It’s no surprise that cheerful name is full of warmth and light. You may also like: Rhodes, Ramsay, Raziel


51. River

The name River is a unisex word name of English origin. Referring to a flowing body of water in nature, River makes an adorable, calming name. You may also like: Raven, Reverie, Raniel


52. Rowan

The name Rowan is a unisex name meaning “red-haired” and is of Irish origin. The name is strong for a boy but also works for girls. You may also like: Rhyder, Robin, Rafael


53. Teegan

The name Teegan is a unisex name meaning “fair” and is of Welsh origin. We love this Welsh name not only because it flows with lots of different middle names, but it’s also a gender-neutral option. You may also like: Taos, Teal, Taj


54. Sage

The name Sage is a unisex name meaning “wise” and is of Latin origin. Sage is also a word name of a herb. With a name like Sage, this hippie baby will undoubtedly be as sweet as the namesake herb. You may also like: Sawney, Sidney, Santana


55. Scout

The name Scout is a unisex name meaning “to listen” and is of French origin. This short and sweet name works well as a first or middle name. You may also like: Storm, Soren, Skylar


56. Shiloh

The name Shiloh is a unisex name meaning “tranquil” and is of Hebrew origin. With its warm and soft tone, Shiloh is becoming a popular modern boho name amongst millennial parents. You may also like: Silas, Stone, Salem


57. Vale

Vale is a unisex name of English origin, meaning: “lives in the valley.” Unique and charming and reminiscent of the beautiful Colorado landscape, Vale would make such an adorable name for a little nature baby. You may also like: Valor, Viggo, Vaughan


58. Weaver

The name Weaver is a unisex occupational name of English origin.
Cool and modern, this under-the-radar boho name fits in perfectly with other trendy occupational names like Mason and Carter. You may also like: Wade, Wesley, Willoughby


59. Wilder

The name Wilder is a unisex name meaning “untamed or wild animal” and is of English origin. This wild and free name pretty much sets up any baby for a lifetime of adventure. You may also like: Wylie, Wolf, Wells


60. Zaire

Zaire is a unisex place name of African origin. Place names can be cool, but some of them are a little played out. But Zaire feels fresh and modern perfect for any little hippie boy. You may also like: Zander, Zabian, Zebedee, Zephyr



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