Indigo Meaning and Origin

The name Indigo is a unisex name meaning “dark blue and is of Greek origin. The name Indigo has multiple origins, making it multicultural and versatile. It can be traced back to different cultures and languages, including Greek, Spanish, and English. In Greek, “indikon” means “Indian dye” or “from India.” It refers to the indigo dye that was imported from India to Greece in ancient times. Indigo is also a given name in Spanish. It is derived from the Latin word “indicum,” meaning “from India.” Spanish explorers brought indigo dye from the East Indies to Europe, leading to the use of the word as a name. Indigo is primarily known as a color, which falls between blue and violet on the color spectrum. It is a deep, rich shade of blue. The color derives its name from the plant called “indigofera tinctoria,” which was historically used to produce the dye indigo. The color indigo is associated with qualities such as wisdom, intuition, spirituality, and inner reflection. This modern-day bohemian name also comes with the cute nickname “Indie.” 

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