Istvan Name Meaning and Origin

Istvan is a Hungarian variant of the name Stephen, which ultimately derives from the Greek name Stephanos, meaning “crown” or “wreath.” It has a rich history and cultural significance in Hungary. Istvan is a popular name in Hungary, but it is not widely used in English-speaking countries. Istvan is a strong and distinguished name with a regal air about it. Pronounced “EESH-tvahn,” it has a melodic quality that rolls off the tongue. It carries a sense of tradition and heritage, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a name with depth and character. Famous People Named Istvan: István Széchenyi – A Hungarian statesman, political theorist, and writer, Széchenyi is considered one of the greatest figures of Hungarian history, known for his contributions to the country’s political and cultural development. István Báthory – A Hungarian nobleman who served as Prince of Transylvania and King of Poland, Báthory played a significant role in Eastern European politics during the late 16th century.

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