Jeremine Meaning and Origin

The name Jeremine is a girl’s name of French and Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord raises up.” French feminization of Jeremy or Jeremiah. The name Jeremiah is of Hebrew origin and holds significant historical and religious meaning. In Hebrew, the name is spelled Yirmeyahu and it means “Yahweh (God) has uplifted” or “appointed by God.” The name is prominently associated with the biblical prophet Jeremiah, who played a crucial role in delivering divine messages and prophecies in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Jeremiah. Jeremine is a name that exudes an air of uniqueness and elegance, a harmonious blend of traditional roots and contemporary charm. Its melodious syllables roll off the tongue, leaving a lasting impression on those who hear it. Jeremine carries an aura of mystery and depth, inviting curiosity and intrigue.

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