Kathleen Meaning and Origin

Kathleen is a girl’s name meaning “pure” and is of Irish origin. The name Kathleen is derived from the Irish name Caitlín, which itself is a form of the name Katherine. Katherine is ultimately of Greek origin, coming from the name Aikaterine, which is believed to have been derived from the Greek word “katharos,” meaning “pure.” Kathleen is a feminine given name that exudes a sense of elegance and classic charm. It has a timeless quality and is often associated with strength, grace, and intelligence. The popularity of the name Kathleen has varied over the years. It reached its peak popularity in the United States during the mid-20th century. In recent decades, its usage has declined somewhat, but it remains a recognizable and beloved name. Famous People Named Kathleen: Kathleen Turner: An acclaimed American actress known for her roles in iconic films such as “Romancing the Stone,” “Body Heat,” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Kathleen Kennedy: An influential figure in the film industry, Kathleen Kennedy is a renowned film producer and the president of Lucasfilm, known for her work on the “Star Wars” franchise. Kathleen Hanna: A prominent figure in the feminist punk rock movement, Kathleen Hanna is a musician, singer, and songwriter known for her role in bands like Bikini Kill and Le Tigre.

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