Kenji Meaning and Origin

Kenji is a boy’s name of Japanese origin, meaning: “second son.” The name consists of two parts: “Ken” meaning “healthy” or “strong,” and “Ji” which is a numerical suffix meaning “second.” Therefore, the name Kenji can be interpreted as “strong and healthy second son.” Kenji is a masculine name that embodies qualities of strength, health, and vitality. The combination of “Ken” and “Ji” creates a harmonious balance between traditional Japanese values and the hope for a strong and thriving individual. It carries a sense of importance and responsibility, suggesting that the bearer of the name has a role to fulfill as a capable and energetic person. The popularity of the name Kenji has varied over time and can be influenced by cultural trends and shifts. It has been a relatively popular name in Japan, and its appeal has transcended borders to some extent, being used by parents in other countries who appreciate its unique sound and meaning. Famous People Named Kenji: Kenji Miyazawa: A famous Japanese poet and author from the early 20th century known for his innovative and imaginative literary works, often drawing inspiration from nature and spiritual themes. Kenji Kawai: A renowned Japanese composer known for his work on film scores, particularly for anime and live-action films. He has composed music for well-known works like “Ghost in the Shell” and “Ip Man.” Kenji Goto: A Japanese journalist and war correspondent who gained international attention for his reporting in conflict zones. 

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