Kestrel Meaning and Origin

The name Kestrel is a girl’s name meaning “bird” and is of English origin. The name “Kestrel” is derived from the English word for a type of small to medium-sized bird of prey. The word “kestrel” itself has roots in Middle English and Old French, ultimately traced back to the Latin word “coaxare,” which means “to chatter” or “to prattle.” Kestrels are known for their graceful flight and keen hunting skills. The name Kestrel evokes imagery of nature, freedom, and agility. It carries a sense of elegance and power, much like the bird it is named after. Kestrels are known for their distinctive hovering flight patterns and their ability to spot and catch prey with precision. As a name, Kestrel can be gender-neutral and offers a unique and nature-inspired choice for parents seeking something less traditional yet still meaningful. Kestrel is a relatively uncommon name, making it a distinctive choice for those who prefer names that stand out. Its rarity adds to its charm, as it’s not likely to be encountered frequently. Unconventional nature names like Kestrel have gained some popularity in recent years, as parents explore more diverse and evocative options for naming their children.

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