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Kinley Meaning and Origin

The name Kinley is a girl’s name meaning Viking and is of Irish origin. The name is derived from the Gaelic words “ceann” meaning “head” and “leac” meaning “slab or flat stone,” and can be translated to mean “fair-haired warrior” or “headstone.” Kinley has become a popular name in recent years and has various spelling variations, including Kinleigh, Kinlee, and Kinlie. It can also be used as a surname, which is derived from the same Gaelic roots. In addition to its Scottish and Irish origins, the name Kinley has also been used in Bhutan as a first name and as a surname. In Bhutanese culture, the name Kinley is associated with a popular figure named Drukpa Kunley, who was a Buddhist saint and teacher known for his unorthodox teachings and unconventional behavior.

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