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Kolby Meaning and Origin

Kolby is a unisex name of Norse origin, meaning “coal settlement.” The name Kolby is typically considered a variant of the name “Colby.” It likely comes from the Old Norse words “koli” meaning “coal” and “byr” meaning “farm” or “settlement.” Therefore, the name Colby/Kolby can be interpreted to mean “coal settlement” or “coal farm.” The name Kolby has a modern and distinctive sound. It’s a unisex name, although it’s more commonly used for boys. The “K” at the beginning gives it a contemporary feel, and its two-syllable structure makes it easy to pronounce and remember. The name has a sense of familiarity while still standing out due to its less common spelling. The name Kolby is moderately popular but not among the top-ranking names. Names with similar sounds, such as “Colby,” might be more popular. 

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