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Kristof is a boy’s name of Slavic from Greek origin, meaning “bearer of Christ.” The name “Kristof” is a variant of the name “Christopher.” It derives from the words “Christos,” meaning “Christ,” and “phero,” meaning “to bear” or “to carry.” Therefore, “Kristof” essentially means “bearer of Christ” or “Christ-bearer.” The name has religious connotations due to its association with Christianity and its reference to carrying the name of Christ. Kristof is a masculine given name that carries a sense of strength, devotion, and religious significance. The name is both timeless and modern, making it suitable for various cultures and generations. The popularity of the name Kristof can vary based on geographic regions and cultural preferences. In some countries, it might be a more common name, while in others it could be less frequent. Variations of the name, such as “Kristoff” or “Christophe,” might also be popular in certain areas. Famous People Named Kristof: Nicholas Kristof: An American journalist, author, and op-ed columnist. He is known for his work covering global humanitarian issues and social injustices. He has received multiple Pulitzer Prizes for his reporting. Kristof Toth: A Hungarian Olympic water polo player who has achieved significant success in international competitions.

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