Lani Meaning and Origin

Lani is a girl’s name meaning “sky, heaven” and is of Polynesian, Hawaiian origin. Pronounced ‘lah-nee’ from the Polynesian word meaning ‘sky, heaven.’ Lani is found in various Polynesian cultures and is associated with the concept of spirituality and divine power. In Polynesian mythology, the sky and celestial beings are often revered, and the name Lani symbolizes a connection to these higher realms. A name commonly used in Hawaii in compound names like Leilani ‘flower of heaven.’ In Hawaiian, Lani means “heaven” or “sky.” It is derived from the word “lani” which represents the celestial or heavenly realm. In Hawaiian culture, nature and the environment hold great significance, and the name Lani reflects the beauty and vastness of the sky. It is also a diminutive of Elaine.

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