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Leila Meaning and Origin

Leila is a girl’s name of Persian origin, meaning “dusk, night.” Leila is a beautiful and elegant name with origins that can be traced back to multiple cultures. It is commonly pronounced as “LAY-la” or “LEE-la.” The name Leila holds varying meanings across different cultures, but it generally symbolizes beauty, night, or dark beauty. In Arabic, “Leila” means “night,” conjuring images of the mysterious and enchanting hours after sunset. In Persian, the name signifies “dark-haired beauty” or “dark beauty,” adding an element of allure and grace. These meanings combine to create a sense of elegance and allure often associated with the name. The name Leila has diverse origins, primarily rooted in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew cultures. In Arabic literature, particularly in ancient poetry and tales like “Arabian Nights,” Leila is depicted as a symbol of beauty and romance. The name’s popularity has spread across cultures due to its melodious sound and meaningful connotations. Leila has enjoyed popularity in various parts of the world, consistently ranking in the top baby names lists. Its appeal lies in its multicultural charm and timeless elegance. The popularity of Leila has surged and waned over the years, influenced by cultural trends and global events. It has gained a significant following in English-speaking countries and parts of Europe. Famous People Named Leila: Leila Hatami: An Iranian actress, Leila Hatami gained international recognition for her role in the film “A Separation,” which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. Leila Lopes: Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes, known as Leila Lopes, is an Angolan actress, model, and beauty queen. Leila Ahmed: An Egyptian-American scholar, Leila Ahmed is known for her writings on Islamic feminism and women’s issues in Islam. 

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