Leilani Meaning and Origin

Leilani is a girl’s name of Hawaiian origin meaning “heavenly flower.” Leilani is a captivating and melodious name that carries a sense of beauty and nature. This name is of Hawaiian origin and is composed of two distinct elements: “lei,” which means “flower” or “lei” (a garland of flowers), and “lani,” which translates to “heavenly” or “royal.” The combination of these elements creates a name that evokes images of a heavenly garden adorned with delicate flowers. Leilani finds its roots in the Hawaiian language and culture. In Hawaiian, names often hold deep meanings that reflect aspects of the natural world or carry spiritual significance. The name encapsulates the lush and picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, along with its rich cultural heritage. In terms of popularity, Leilani has gained attention beyond its Hawaiian origins and has become a well-liked name in various parts of the world. It has a unique and exotic charm that appeals to many parents seeking a distinctive and beautiful name for their child. Famous People Named Leilani: Leilani Münter: An American former professional racing driver and environmental activist. Leilani Bishop: An American actress and singer. 

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