Leviathan Meaning and Origin

The name Leviathan is a boy’s name meaning “twisted, coiled” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, specifically in the Old Testament, “Leviathan” refers to a sea monster or a mythical creature of immense size and power. It is mentioned in several books, including the Book of Job and the Book of Psalms. The description of Leviathan varies, but it is often portrayed as a symbol of chaos and a creature that only God can control. Leviathan has been used as a symbolic figure in philosophy and literature. The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) famously used the term “Leviathan” as the title of his seminal work on political theory, published in 1651. In Hobbes’ philosophy, the Leviathan represents a powerful and all-encompassing state or government that ensures order and prevents the “war of all against all” in society.

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