Lia Meaning and Origin

Lia is a girl’s name of Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Hebrew or Spanish origin, meaning “weary.” In Hebrew, Lia is often considered a variant of the name Leah, which means “weary” or “delicate.” Leah was a significant figure in the Old Testament of the Bible, as she was one of the wives of Jacob and the mother of several of his children. In Italian, Lia is a diminutive form of the name Rosalia, which is derived from the Latin word “rosa” meaning “rose.” It can also be used as a standalone name in Italian-speaking countries. In Greek, Lia can be seen as a shortened form of the name Ophelia, which means “help” or “aid.” In recent years, the name Lia has gained popularity worldwide as an independent name choice. It is often regarded as a simple, elegant, and feminine name with a global appeal.

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