Lilias Meaning and Origin

Lilias is a girl’s name of Scottish, Latin origin, meaning “lily”. The name Lilias is a charming and elegant choice, exuding a sense of grace and timeless beauty. It is a variant of the name Lillian, which itself is derived from the Latin name “Lilium,” meaning “lily.” The lily flower has long been associated with purity, innocence, and devotion, making Lilias a name that carries a sense of virtue and loveliness. Lilias is a name that resonates with classic charm and a touch of vintage allure. Its soft and melodic sound gives it an air of sophistication while retaining an approachable and friendly demeanor. The name Lilias feels both delicate and strong, making it suitable for individuals of various personalities and backgrounds. Whether it’s a child, a young woman, or someone in their later years, Lilias bestows a sense of timelessness that can easily adapt to any era. Lilias is a name that has a relatively modest usage, which contributes to its sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. It’s not as common as some other floral-themed names, making it an appealing choice for parents who want something less mainstream yet still imbued with a sense of familiarity and charm. Famous People: One notable individual with the name Lilias is Lilias Trotter (1853–1928), a British artist and missionary. She was known for her artistic talent as well as her commitment to social causes and spirituality. 

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