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Loki Meaning and Origin

Loki is a boy’s name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “God of mischief.” The name Loki holds a rich and captivating history, rooted in Norse mythology. In Norse culture, Loki is a complex and multifaceted figure, often depicted as a trickster god with an enigmatic and unpredictable nature. He is a central character in many myths and sagas, known for his cunning, mischievous behavior, and shape-shifting abilities. The name itself is thought to be derived from the Old Norse word “loka,” meaning “knot” or “end,” possibly alluding to Loki’s role in bringing about the end of the world during the events of Ragnarok. The name Loki carries an air of mystique and intrigue, embodying the spirit of a character who challenges norms and conventions. It’s a name that evokes curiosity and playfulness, but also a hint of unpredictability. In recent years, the name Loki has gained attention beyond its mythological origins, partly due to its association with popular culture. With appearances in various media forms like movies, television series, and literature, Loki has become more recognizable to a broader audience. This exposure has contributed to a surge in interest in the name, leading to its growing popularity as a choice for baby names.

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