Malai Meaning and Origin

Malai is a girl’s name of Thai origin, meaning “flower garland.” In Tamil, “Malai” means “hill” or “mountain.” Tamil is a Dravidian language primarily spoken in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and some parts of Sri Lanka. In Romanian, “Malai” refers to a type of maize flour that’s used to make a traditional dish called “mămăligă,” which is similar to polenta. This is unrelated to the meaning in Tamil and is more of a culinary term. The name “Malai” often evokes a sense of nature and geographical beauty due to its meaning “hill” or “mountain.” It could also carry associations with strength and stability, as mountains are often seen as steadfast and enduring. “Malai” doesn’t appear to be a widely popular given name. It’s possible that it could be used in certain cultures or communities, but it’s not a name that’s commonly heard on a global scale.

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